Buying a Puppy – 7 Points To Consider

Many people find themselves buying a puppy on impulse. This is usually a mistake. Before you buy a puppy for the first time you need to decide if the is the right dog for you.

Many people,for example,  look at a beagle puppy with its large gentle eyes, droopy ears, its very brown and white coat and think that the dog is perfect. Beagles are fact the third most popular dog in the United States and has been popular since it was introduced into the U.S. in 1640. However, as with all puppies, and these dogs in particular, you must ask yourself if you and your family are ready for the dog. Here are the top seven questions that you must ask yourself before buying a Dog.

Have you enough time to look after the Dog?

All dogs are sociable, so they are  miserable if left alone all day. If the entire family works full-time the dog will not only be miserable but will be inclined to get into mischief. The best home for a Dog is one where someone is home all day, or at least part of every day. If you’re going to leave your Dog alone for more than four hours you should arrange for someone to walk the dog while you are absent. In my family, where we have dog owners that work full-time, the dog is taken to another family member who is home all day and is willing to dog sit.

Can you afford a Dog? Owning any dog can be expensive

On top of the initial cost of purebred puppy, there is all the equipment that any puppy needs such as dog crates, collars and leads, toys and training equipment and you may want to install a dog door. In addition, throughout its life the dog will need food, vet care which can be expensive if the dog develops health problems, and kennel fees for when the family goes on vacation to places where these dogs are not accepted and when other family members are not available. In England, my family solved the problem by having only caravan or chalet holidays. In Canada and the US, the problem can be solved by having camping holidays. However, you may want to go abroad one day and then kennel fees may be necessary.

Are you prepared to own the dog for its entire life?

The lifespan of a Dog is approximately 14 years. You may have time for a Dog right now but are you prepared to make the Dog part of your family over the long-term. Don’t forget, that owning a dog means walking the dog at least twice a day, every day and in all weathers.

Does everyone in the family want a dog and do they want a Dog?

Are all family members is keen to get a dog as you are? Does anyone in the family have allergies to animals, if they do they should be tested for Dogs. I know from personal experience just how heartbroken a child will be if you get a dog and then have to find him a new home because of someone’s allergies. A child in particular will feel a tremendous amount of guilt if you have to find a dog a new home because the dog gives him asthma. Another consideration is whether your children are old enough to have a dog.

Are you a doggie person?

Would you rather have a spotless house with everything in its place, would you rather have the dog. The dog means muddy paw prints, dark hair and drool. A puppy means accidents while training, the occasional chewed shoe and may mean dog vomit in the car as he becomes accustomed to driving with you.

Is your home suitable for a Dog?

It is possible for a Dog to live in in an apartment, but a house with the yard makes house training much easier. If you do live in an apartment you may want to consider a rescue dog that is already trained. House training a dog on the 24th floor of an apartment building is not really feasible.

What if you get a Dog that barks?

Most dogs are not usually barkers but no matter what the breed, sometimes you end up with the barking dog much to your consternation and the annoyance of your neighbours. It is possible to train any dog out of barking habit, but frequently this takes time. You must ask yourself if you are prepared for the noise, the neighbour complaints and the time necessary to train the dog. Click Here To Get More Information About How To Stop Your Dog Barking

Dog Doors for Sliding Glass Doors

dog doors for sliding glass doorsSometimes the best exit from inside to outside and vice versa is a sliding glass door.  So how do you install a dog door in a sliding glass door? Is it even possible? And if it is, when do you use this option?  The answer is when your dog needs to go in and out to join you on your patio or balcony and you do not want to spend your precious relaxation time acting as a doorman.  (we all know dogs who want to be with you but it is too warm where you are so they need to be let inside to cool off in the air conditioning, then they need to be let out again).  It also gives renters and option to install a dog door without changing the basic fabric of the home, or having to get the landlord to give permission to install a dog door in a door or wall.

I was surprised at the choice available when I started to investigate the possibilities.  This is my review of what is available when it comes to dog doors for sliding glass doors.  Whether you need something temporary to suit apartment living or something permanent then the choice is there.

Dogs just wanna have fun

My first dog was a boxer and he managed to set the standard so high that no other dog has even come close! His favourite toy was my old teddy bear and he would carry him around by one arm. The only thing we ever had to do was sew the arm back on when it separated from Teddy’s body. (Teddy was already 20 years old when he was given to Major). Teddy lasted until he was destroyed by an Irish Setter friend of Major. Major number 2 (also a boxer) was what Amazon calls an aggressive chewer. After he chewed the knob off the stick shift when he was left alone in the car for a short time, we knew we had to watch him (I should mention that he was a few months old at the time and nowhere near his adult strength). This was the first time we ever needed a cage.

However, at least he did not chew the linoleum off the kitchen floor like a German shepherd that belonged to friends of ours.

Sometimes it is hard to see their behaviour as endearing!

Luckily, today we have Nylabone chews which are listed as indestructible although I am sure the manufacturers never met dogs like some of those in the Amazon positive review listing. Judging by my survey, if your dog demolishes a rawhide chew in an hour or two the ‘indestructible’ Nylabones last a couple of months. I wonder how they would have fared with Major number 2!


The first thing you need to know before buying a beagle is that they are difficult to train.

Beagles are one of the most popular dogs in the US and the UK. It was particularly popular in England in the middle ages and Elizabethan times as a hunting dog and  was introduced into America in 1640.

First Mention of  the Beagles

The first wolves were domesticated about 140,000 years ago, and since then dogs have been bred for various purposes, among them the most important was hunting. Hunting dogs are divided into two types the scent hound such as the Beagle and the sight hound such as Greyhound. You can recognise the scent hound by his posture, he usually has his nose to some scent on the ground which is following with intense concentration.

Scent hounds are usually more heavily built then sight hounds which must be able to run really fast, the scent hound requires stamina to follow the scent until they arrive at the source. While they are muscular and strong with good heart and lung capacity,the distinguishing feature of the pendulous ears and a large nose with broad open nostrils. The scent hounds used for hunting deer were usually known as Buckhounds, while the dogs is to the hunting small animals such as hare when Ernest Beagles.

Beagles are mentioned as early as the middle ages and by the Elizabethan times when hunting was so popular wirehaired Beagles are known to be in existence. By the 19th century we know that there were at least four types of Beagles in existence in Great Britain, the Northern Beagle, the southern become, the Cotswold Beagle and the Irish Kerry Beagle.

The Beagle remained popular with ordinary people, such as farmers, who used them for hunting small game. Not only did they not require any special equipment as is necessary with fox hunting, they also ended up providing dinner for the family!

The First Beagle was Exhibited in 1884

The first Beagle exhibited in the United Kingdom was in 1884 at the Tunbridge Wells dog Society show. The first club, the Beagle Club of England was founded in 1890. The founding of the Beagle club meant that the breed type was ready to be set. The Beagle club drew up a set of points that was accepted by the kennel club which is still largely the Beagle Standard used in judging Beagles today. By the beginning of the 20th century there was a consensus about the appearance of the Beagle. However, along with a number of other breeds, the First World War meant the loss of breeding stock to maintain the pure bred Beagle. At the end of World War II in 1945, one Beagle was registered by the kennel club. However, lovers of  beagles dedicated themselves to the breed and the Beagle not only recovered but began to thrive.

The Beagle in America

The Beagle first arrived in America in 1640. It did not resemble the Beagle as we know it today, then Beagles looked more like Daschounds except that their legs tended to be a little straighter. They were particularly popular in the southern states up until the Civil War which put an end to hunting. After the war breeders imported the dog from England and the breed revived. In 1885 a dog named Blunder was the first beagle to be registered in the American Kennel Club Studbook. in 1888 the National Beagle Clubwas founded and the first breed standard was created and the Beagle became popular at shows. In fact, it became so popular that in 1917 at the Westminster dog show 75 beagles competed.

Today, the main role of the Beagle is to be a well  loved family pet. In the United States the Beagle is the third most popular pet, the first two being the Labrador and the Golden Retriever. Although the Beagle is not as popular as a  pet in the United Kingdom, the Beagle is still in the top five of popular dogs.



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