Citronella Bark Collars for beagles

Citronella Dog Collar – Teach Your Beagle Not to Bark

If you have tried your best to get your beagle to stop barking with no success maybe it is time you tried a citronella bark collar. Unlike dog shock collars, citronella training collars don’t injure your dog for the sake of peace and quiet.

These collars take the old handheld water spray bottle to the next level by spraying some citronella at your dog, which they dislike, and encourage them not to bark again. They are highly effective without hurting our dogs.  The citronella spray also doesn’t leave a lingering odor or stain your furniture or carpeting.

Will It Work for My Dog?

This type of anti-bark dog citronella collar doesn’t work on every dog. Some dogs may not think the citronella is all that bad and that barking to them is worth being sprayed. Other dogs may have really loose skin on their necks and the spray may not spray the dog correctly. It is worth trying though because it works for most dogs and is one of the most humane ways to train your beagle to stop barking.

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Tips for Training Success

  1. Sometimes your beagle will need to bark, in the case of intruders or maybe to let you know they need to be let inside. In these cases, you should definitely not put the citronella dog collar on your dog because it would be discouraging actions that are beneficial to both you and your dog.
  2. A lot of spraying collars are better used if you have a predominately indoor dog as opposed to an outdoor dog. The outdoor dogs may be kind of rough on the citronella dog barking collar and cause it to break because of the moisture outside.
  3. You will also see better success when you train your dog with a command like “quiet” in addition to the spray.  This will help when you take the citronella dog barking collar off and still use the command your dog will be much more likely to obey than if you don’t use any command and just hope they stop barking.
  4. Another tip for using a citronella bark collar is to turn it off when you go on a car ride with your dog if your dog likes to put their head out the window or close the windows.  If you do not then the wind will set off the citronella dog bark collar and that could cause your dog to dislike car trips and would not help at all with a barking problem.
  5. We all like to cuddle with our beagles but if you cuddle and also speak next to their neck you may also get a spray of citronella in your own face.
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Where Do I Buy One?

One of the best places to pick up a citronella spray collar is from Amazon but your local pet shops like PetSmart or Petco have them as well. However, they cost a little more at a retail store. A dog citronella collar does not last forever so you will not want to buy a used one. The citronella spray does run out after a while so you will want to pick up some spare bottles with your citronella dog bark collar and save on shipping by buying everything at once.

The Citronella Bark Collar in Action

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