beagle pain syndrome

Beagle Pain Syndrome & Neck Spasm

A beagle neck spasm in young beagles is very characteristic of a condition called Beagle Pain Syndrome. This condition is thought to be genetic in origin, which likely means certain lines of beagles would have a higher incidence of this condition since it is inherited.

Beagles about 12 months old of either sex can have these neck spasms. Also, it is more frequently seen in the spring.

Other signs you might see with beagle neck spasms include:

  • Guarding of the neck
  • Change in attitude (depression)
  • Fever
  • Not wanting to walk
  • Neck stiffness

If your beagle has any of these clinical signs, take it to the veterinary clinic right away. You need to do this because the quicker the condition is treated, the better for the dog.

When you get to the vet clinic, tell them about the beagle neck spasms. Often times this condition is so characteristic of young beagles, no further diagnostics are needed.

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But most times to rule out other possible causes, blood work, physical exam, and even a CSF tap are done.

The treatment for beagle neck spasms or beagle pain syndrome is usually prednisone or other corticosteroid prescribed by a veterinarian. If there is worry about the side effects of steroids, another drug may be given called Azathioprine.

The prognosis is usually quick good if it is treated early. Chronic beagle neck spasms might be more difficult to resolve and require lifelong therapy.

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