Where to Buy Your Beagle

Getting a Beagle isn’t as easy as choosing the cutest and most conveniently located pup. There are several places to get a Beagle; unfortunately, not all suppliers are ethical. Here is a simple guide for people who are starting out.

The best place to buy a Beagle

The most reliable place to find a Beagle puppy is at the home of an ethical, responsible breeder. Of course, not all breeders are knowledgeable, and some can produce litters with health problems as a result. It’s important that you find a breeder who isn’t just in it for the money but who is passionate about the Beagle breed and wants to produce only healthy, happy puppies.

Good breeders tend to screen their dogs for hereditary health problems before they breed from them. They raise their puppies in a family environment that is clean, spacious and has a calm atmosphere. They also tend to take a keen interest in who will be allowed to take one of their puppies home rather than selling them off quickly to make a profit. Places to search for such breeders include:

  • Your local Beagle breed club
  • Recommendations from friends who have healthy, well-behaved Beagles
  • Vet recommendations
  • An internet search for breeders with good reviews and official websites
  • The Kennel Club’s website, where there will be a list of registered breeders
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Don’t be afraid to visit a couple of different breeders before you make your final decision. It pays to shop around and get the right puppy so that you don’t have to deal with avoidable vet bills later on.

Another place to find Beagles

If you have decided you want an adult dog or a rescued youngster, your local animal shelter is a good place to go. There is a good chance you’ll find at least one Beagle waiting for a loving, secure home. The advantages of these rescued Beagles are many, including:

  • Knowing that you’ve saved a dog’s life
  • Much lower fees (if any) than a breeder would charge
  • A Beagle that’s vaccinated wormed and microchipped
  • A Beagle that has passed temperament tests to make sure he’s suited to rehoming

Whilst some rescue dogs will have been surrendered from loving homes (for example, if they belonged to someone elderly who has died), others may have been mistreated or abandoned by careless owners. If you’re going to adopt a rescued Beagle be prepared to deal with any emotional issues they may have due to possible abuse. You may have to spend time winning their trust and training them to understand some basic commands. On the other hand, you may be very lucky and get a Beagle who fits into your home straight away. In many cases, rehoming a dog is a leap of faith, but it can be a very rewarding thing to do.

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Bad places to buy a Beagle

Here are some places you should avoid at all costs:

  • Pet shops
    Puppies sold at pet shops are more often than not from bad breeders, and some have been raised in “puppy farm” conditions, which are cramped and unsanitary. If you care about dogs, please don’t support the practice of breeding for profit by buying from a pet shop.
  • Classified ads
    If someone is advertising their puppies, there is a good chance they were an unplanned litter and they will not have gone through the regular health checks that puppies from registered breeders have.
  • Websites
    Usually, websites with pictures of pups for sale are just like puppy farms. You have no way of knowing how the pups have been raised, what kind of parents they have and what their home environment has been like. Usually, they will be sold at inflated prices, and there is a good chance that they will fall ill soon after you take them home and possibly even die.

Now that you know where to buy your puppy, it’s time to find yourself a happy, confident and healthy puppy. Good luck!

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