Furbo Dog Camera: Is It Worth Buying in 2021?

Back in 2015, a gadget came on the market that promised to connect dogs at home with their masters at work; The Furbo Dog Camera. I saw many videos and promotions of this product. Other cameras quickly came out promising the same thing as Furbo; connecting dogs with their masters.

The Furbo Dog camera allows you to monitor your dogs while you are not at home through a smartphone app. It also allows you to interact with your dog by throwing treats or even talking through the built-in microphone.

This is 2021 and surveillance cameras are much more affordable than in 2016. They are also of better quality. So is it still worth buying a Furbo Dog Camera or are there better options?

Features of Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera Features
Furbo Dog Camera Features
  • Size: 5.91 × 4.72 × 8.86 inches (15 × 12 × 22.5 cm)
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs (0.95 kg)
  • Color: White
  • Camera: 1080p HD, 160° wide angle, 4x digital zoom, night vision.
  • Audio: Built-in speaker, high-quality microphone
  • Maximum reward amount: 100 units
  • Recommended reward size: Round treats with a diameter of 1cm
  • Power: 100-240V, 5v 2A
  • Connectivity: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi – Bluetooth

We all know how hard it is to get away from our dogs. It is difficult but necessary; otherwise, we could not work or even go to the store for groceries, live with other humans, etc. The point is, you won’t always be able to be next to your dogs and they can feel lonely. The Furbo Dog Camera lets them know that you are “there”.

This is important because many dogs and especially Beagle dogs can suffer from separation anxiety. With the camera and through our voice we can avoid this.

Another aspect that makes this camera SUPER NECESSARY in our lives is the safety of our dogs. Alone at home, they are prone to accidents and with the camera, we can monitor them, go to see them quickly if necessary. There are many testimonies of how this gadget has saved dogs from eating chocolate or other forbidden things.

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In addition! It’s fun, how many times are we in the office bored thinking about how great it would be to be at home? So, we opened the Furbo app and threw some treats at our dog, we see his cute little face and we threw many, many more. Completely adorable!

Furbo Barking Alerts

Is it a good gadget?

Personally, I consider it to be a very complete gadget. We can see our pets, hear them and they hear us too. The app sends alerts as soon as our dog barks, this also serves for noises; Intruders. The quality of the camera is excellent and offers a clear image of our home. The sound is heard very well.

For those who have Alexa, Furbo is also compatible so a very grateful plus.

Night vision is FULL HD, so if you are in the room and want to see what crazy your dog is doing in the room without leaving the bed, just open the app.

Furbo Dog Camera – Frequently Asked Questions

What will I find when I uncover the box?

  • Furbo Camera
  • 2 meters USB cable
  • Power adapter
  • Quick Beginner’s Guide

How difficult is it to install Furbo at home?

The installation process of this pet camera hasn’t changed much since its release to the public in 2016. Here is the step-by-step installation:

  1. Unbox the product
  2. Choose where it will be located (Remember that it must be an accessible place for your pet)
  3. Remove the plastic from the adhesive (3M adhesive). This guarantees that it will not become a biting toy that throws treats.
  4. Connect the base wire to an electrical outlet.
  5. Download the Furbo app via the App Store or Google Play.
  6. Open the Furbo app and follow the setup instructions (Wifi and sound)
  7. And that’s it! Once your Furbo camera is set up, you can load it with treats and show it to your dog.

Do I need an internet connection or mobile phone?

For the signal to be stable and both the image and the voice to be clear, you need a broadband internet connection of at least 1Mbps of upload. As for the phone, the application can be downloaded on mobile iOS 10 or later and Android 6.0 or later

Where is the best place to place the Furbo?

The place where you place the camera is very important since you will not want to miss anything or just see your wall or floor. The ideal place is where your dog or pet usually is most of the time. In my own case, I placed it in the living room because it is where my dogs’ beds are and where they stay most of the time.

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Other location recommendations are:

  • Place it away from direct sunlight.
  • In a place without moisture
  • 30-50 cm from the ground

Is it just as eye-catching for other pets?

Homes with multiple pets are common, so you may be wondering if your cat will want to live with Furbo too. Furbo is ideal for both dogs and cats, your biggest problem will be finding a treat that both of you like. Remember that everything is in the Furbo – Pet relationship training.

If you show your cat that meowing around Furbo can give him a delicious snack he will most likely compete with your dog for them.

Will the angle of the camera allow me to see clearly what is happening?

Furbo features a 160° (diagonal) wide-angle camera, Full HD 1080p, 4X digital zoom, and LED night vision. This means that there is little of what you could miss. And, in case of some strange noise coming from home, you can call your pet using the microphone and speaker. So you check if everything is ok.

Can I launch other treats from the Furbo?

If your pet does not like the treats that come with the camera, you can add her favorite treats as long as they are round and less than 4 inches. If you run out of Furbo treats you can buy more.

How many people can connect to Furbo at the same time?

Up to two people can be connected to Furbo at the same time. However, there can be multiple people at different times.

Are the photos and videos compatible with social networks?

Yes. As soon as you take that funny photo or record a video worth sharing with your followers, you can upload it to your social networks from the Furbo app. How should I clean the Furbo Pet Camera? Your dog may give it a few licks that need to be cleaned! In that case, just use a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt. You can also clean the space where the treats are located with a damp cloth.

Can I set the sensitivity of the bark alarm?

With a Beagle at home, the barking will likely not stop. You can program the Furbo camera to detect a certain decibel, this way a small or “uninteresting” bark will not trigger an alarm.

Does the Furbo pet camera have a warranty?

Yes. After the purchase, you have a warranty for up to 2 years of use. The warranty does NOT cover damage caused by:

  • Misuse
  • Accidents
  • Undue alterations or improper installation of the Product
  • Maintenance


The Furbo Dog Camera is a very, very good gadget to connect with your dog. Perhaps a few years ago it was out of reach for many, but now, with the price so reduced it is an almost obligatory purchase.

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