Interesting Facts about Beagle Dogs

10 Interesting Facts about Beagles

Beagles are not just adorable, they’re also very fascinating dogs that are guaranteed to amaze you if you were to know everything about them. In this article, we’re going to tell you the 10 most interesting facts about beagles. So, buckle up because you’re about to learn some things you’ve never known before about your beagle.

1. Nobody knows how they came about

The beagle is such an ancient breed that its forefathers hunted bunnies with the Ancient Romans. Sadly, origins are difficult to track when they extend that long ago. Nobody is truly certain when or exactly where the breed initially developed.

2. They bark a lot, like a lot

We may not be sure about how they came about, but we do have an idea where the name originates from. The word ‘beagle’ stems from the French word ‘begueule’, which refers to someone who talks a lot. The name couldn’t be more accurate because beagles, in general, have even louder vocal cords than other dogs.

3. They have a variety of barks, specific for each occasion  

Beagles are so gifted at vocalizing, they do so in 3 different manners. There’s the basic bark for daily things like the doorbell or getting a reward. After that, there’s baying, which sounds a lot similar to doggy yodeling. This guttural yowl is utilized on the hunt to inform fellow beagles that they’ve just sensed a fascinating smell. Lastly, there’s the misery growl. Beagles will wail if they are feeling gloomy, jaded – or if others are wailing to begin with.

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4. Foxes are preys of beagles

Beagles were developed to be the supreme predators of foxes. Their small legs keep them low to the ground, which implies they can find smells without needing to stop, since it’s already difficult to see them. Their large, flabby ears also assist them in finding smells, by gliding them towards the beagle’s nose. And their white-tipped tails ensure that hunters do not lose track of their beagles through shrubs and deep bushes.

5. Their noses are incredibly impressive

The adorable pooches have some of the best noses in the dog world. With around 220 million scent receptors, beagles can detect nearly as much as 50 different scents. A moist nose assists them in drawing in and maintaining scent particles for better analysis. All the more extraordinary, they can assort scents and recall them in the future if they ever sense it again.

6. They’re often used as trackers

With their highly effective noses and small size, beagles are fantastic tracker pups. A typical type of work for beagles is seeking bedbugs (the sole way of finding these insects is getting a visit from the beagle). Obviously, the parasites emit a “sweet yet moldy aroma” that just pet dog noses can detect. Another (somewhat) more attractive job is smelling polar bear poop: Beagles can sniff the excrement of female bears and figure out if they are pregnant.

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7. There’s a detective squad by the name of Beagle Brigade

The U.S. Department of Agriculture determined that beagles are one of the most efficient (and cute) methods to stop the spread of pests and illnesses. The Beagle Brigade is an experienced squadron of beagles that scouts airports throughout the nation. Utilizing their effective sniffers, they can locate meat and figure whether that could bring foreign bugs or illnesses. To turn into one of these detective pooches, beagles have to go through twelve full weeks of training sessions.

8. They are too good at escaping

Beagles have a cute weakness when it comes to wandering around. If they sense a captivating scent, they will not stop until they find the source of it. Because of this, you’re going to need to keep your puppy on a tight restraint. Fenced-in locations may work with some breeds, but lots of beagles are knowledgeable diggers and climbers. The adorable escape masters are renowned for clambering fences, or tunneling beneath. A few are even efficient in climbing up trees.

9. The kind of beagles we know today didn’t exist before 

Huntsmans in the 13th century worked with pocket beagles, which are precisely as small and lovable as they sound. These mini puppies were just about 8 to 9 inches high. Nowadays, beagles have to do with 13 to 15 inches high.

10. President Lyndon Johnson kept beagles in the White House 

Lyndon B. Johnson was a big fan of the breed and had one when he was a vice president. This one was called Beagle. Yes, the name of his beagle was Beagle. When he became a president, he had another two, named Him and Her, fathered by Beagle. After Him died, the then FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover gave the president another beagle named Edgar. 

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