Pros and Cons of Owning Beagles

Top 6 Pros and Cons of Owning Beagles

Beagles are charming, cute and innocent dogs whose happy-looking appearance is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. With their droopy ears, adorable eyes, and athletic stature, it’s the perfect kind of pet for children and adults to take a walk with and have a fun time.

However, owning a beagle is not all roses and petals. They could be challenging to care for, especially if you don’t have any idea of what you are getting into. If you fall into this category, no worries. This article will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of owning a beagle as a pet.

Pros of Owning a Beagle

  1. Beagles are entertaining and fun. These dogs are among the loveliest out there due to their sweet and whimsical nature. Extremely popular amongst young kids, beagles have earned an unparalleled reputation for being the perfect buddies and playmates.
  2. Beagles don’t need excessive maintenance. As pets go, beagles are less demanding and can be trained easily. You don’t need to worry about their maintenance either. A brush every couple of days and a bath, when they are not smelling good, is basically all that is required.
  3. Beagles are small. Although big, chubby dogs have an appeal of their own, they could be a completely new bag of burritos for anybody who hasn’t had such a pet before or does not understand what they are getting themselves into. On the other hand, beagles, with their tiny size, are fairly simple to deal with.
  4. Beagles are friendly and welcoming. Some types of dogs can be rather reclusive or bold, especially if they have not been trained or handled properly. However, beagles have a hospitable, playful character with just about everybody they encounter. They are ideal for households and great if you have other dogs as well.
  5. Beagles adore kids. Their small size makes it possible to have fun with even young kids without harming them, yet at the same time, they are tough and rough when required. For kids, beagles can be faithful, long-lasting buddies
  6. Beagles are flexible. Mainly developed as high-speed tracker dogs, beagles can be smart and adaptive enough to adjust to whatever you desire from them. Regardless of whether it’s pet exhibitions, obedience training, or just getting the early morning newspaper from the doormat, your beagle can effortlessly be trained to accomplish all that and much more.
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Cons of Owning a Beagle

  1. Beagles abide by their noses more than anything else. Beagles are tracker dogs. It’s in the blood and genes. If they sense a smell, they are going to follow it, to the exemption of everything else around them. It likewise suggests they are going to be hunting through the trash trying to find leftovers and clawing under your fencing into your next-door neighbor’s yard.
  2. Beagles may not be ideal for those suffering from allergies. To begin with, a beagle’s hairs frequently shed and aren’t suitable for anybody with allergic reactions to come in contact with. Especially when you consider the love of being outdoors, playing, going through fields, and wallowing the turf.
  3. Beagles are more challenging to domesticate. Beagles are kind of slow learners and not really fond of house training. So, be ready to expect some pee and poo lying around at random places. This will go on at least for the first couple of weeks. Afterward, they will be obedient.
  4. Beagles can be noisy. All dogs bark, there’s no doubt about that. However, beagles tend to howl too, and that also like a naughty little wolf. Although it’s not annoying, it can be not-so-likable for your neighbors.
  5. Beagles are smart. It is good and bad at the same time, but more of a disadvantage if you are a busy guy. A bored dog is most likely than ever to enter locations you do not desire them to, and even worse, begin chewing up furniture. Because beagles are smart and intelligent, they are much more active than a standard dog and wish to play most of the time.
  6. Beagles need to remain on a leash. Since they are so sociable, along with being led by their noses, if your beagle ever notices anything intriguing while you take it on a stroll, it’s going to be their instinct to head over and examine. So always keep them on a restraint, or you may simply be searching through the town all night looking for them!
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If you can put up with their cute demands and active nature, you are in to find a loveable companion who will be your protector and playmate for decades to come. As long as you have the patience to train a beagle, it is guaranteed that it will be worth your time.

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