How to Identify a Purebred Beagle

How to Identify a Purebred Beagle

There are a lot of ways you can find out if your beagle is a purebred or not. Some are more reliable than the others but overall, they all are helpful in determining out the breed of your beagle.

The Methods

These methods include appearance indicators, a DNA test, and pedigree papers.

Pedigree Papers

One method by which you can examine whether your beagle is purebred or not is by taking a look at his pedigree documents.

The pedigree of the beagle will provide the information of five generations of your pup’s forefathers. The information reveals precisely who the forefathers of the pet dog were, any health problem history and lifetime achievements, if they did something extraordinary.

This system may not be useful if the original breeder is dishonest and gave the incorrect information in the papers. If your beagle puppy looks very different compared to what you anticipated, then another fool-proof method of inspecting if your beagle is pure-blooded is by getting a DNA test.

DNA Test

If you want to be absolutely certain about the breed of your beagle then you can have his DNA checked. DNA screening can precisely identify the family of your beagle puppy and let you know where he originates from and whether he is purebred or a mixed breed. There are some DNA screening services offered online or you can just purchase a DIY DNA screening package from online platforms like Amazon and eBay.

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The DNA set will provide accurate details about the beagle’s forefathers for as far as the grandest grandfather. It also provides the weight forecast of what your puppy is likely to weigh in the future as an adult.

Appearance Indicators

There is no doubt that the methods mentioned above are the most accurate and reliable in determining the breed of your beagle. They’re scientifically tested and verified so there’s no gap for any errors. However, not everyone is interested to go through such hassles of spending extra cash and getting a DNA test done, or driving for hours to find the original pedigree papers of their beagle. For this reason, we suggest you first take note of your pup’s appearance and notice the signs that I’m about to tell you.

First and foremost, the easiest indicator to identify a purebred beagle is by its white tail. Purebred beagles will always have a little white portion on their tail and all their paws will be white as well. The reason I’ve called these the ‘easiest’ ways to find the truth is that it is very rare for a mixed breed beagle to have such features. These are unique traits of only the purebred puppies.

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Furthermore, and although this can also be present on mixed breeds, it is said that purebreds have large floppy ears that usually end below their face as compared to the other breeds and their legs are small compared to their bodies.

Does Breed Matter?

If you do buy a beagle puppy and find out that he is not purebred, it does not really matter if you love him. Your beagle will remain caring and dedicated to you all his life, which is more crucial than him being a purebred. Lastly, over time, the heritage of your beagle will not make a difference so long as your fuzzy friend is healthy and content with you. And, regardless of whether your beagle is purebred or not, he will still be your good friend and buddy for life.


The only way to find out the breed of your beagle is via a DNA test, which is the most accurate and reliable. The second is examining its pedigree papers and finally, the easiest, is the visual indicators we’ve mentioned.

But still, we will emphasize on the fact that regardless of what the breed of your pup is, he’ll love you in equally the same way as a purebred one. The only thing that matters is how much attention and time you are willing to give him for training and learning.

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