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Beagle Dog Breed – Facts and Information You Need to Know

The Beagle Dog Breed is a small hunting dog that due to its natural gifts has become one of the most accepted and desired pets. This small dog looks like a small Foxhound, with the appearance and demeanor of a young puppy. An astonishing thing about the beagle is its bark. It is said that it is the most pleasant bark to the human ear. These and many other qualities in its favor, make the beagle one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

If you own a beagle or plan to have one, you may want to know some beagle facts and beagle information such as the history, characteristics, behavior, temperament and care requirements of the beagle dog breed. This article provides everything you need to know about beagles.

Profile Summary of the Beagle Dog

Common NameBeagles
Other NamesEnglish Beagle, Pocket Beagle
Country of OriginEngland
PurposeFamily pet, kid pet, hunting
ColorLemon white, orange & white, red & white, white and tan
Body Weight18-35 lbs
Height12-16 inches
Life Expectancy12-15 years
Beagle Profile Table


Although its origin is not entirely known, it is mentioned in 14th century English literature. It is estimated that this breed originated much earlier in Europe. Having gone to England from France, according to some authors it also existed in Greece.

There have been at least two varieties of the beagle that have come to be recognized as their own dog breeds. One of these varieties was the Wirehaired Beagle, which is estimated to have originated from the crossing of a beagle with a terrier from the north of England or Scotland. A Wirehaired Beagle breed was also reported in Wales but it is not known if it was the same one already mentioned. The other variety was a Miniature Beagle that despite its tiny size was used in hunting. The puppy was carried in saddle bags, or horsemen’s pockets, and when the hare hid, the miniature beagle was released to finish the job. This miniature was extremely popular, reaching some kings of the United Kingdom, including Queen Elizabeth.


The beagle breed has a very elegant look, it is medium-small in size, its ideal weight ranges between 18 and 35 lbs. It has a muscular body, with a large, broad chest, short legs and an elongated head. In general, these dogs have a good, athletic body conformation.

The height of an adult beagle can be between 12 and 16 inches, while the dwarf breed (also called pocket beagle) can be 8 to 12 inches tall. This dog breed also possesses large circular eyes that stand out. The breed also has a black nose in perfectly symmetrical with its pink and black mouth.

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The beagle dog has long round ears, giving it a friendly look. They also have a long tail, which is always upright. The beagle dog walks gallantly.

Beagles are born in two colors, black and white. But as they grow, some of the black spots turn brown. This is why its main color characteristic is tricolor – white, black and brown. There is another variety of beagle called “Lemon Beagle” – it has white and brown with reddish or orange tints color.

Beagles bark very loudly, similar to the howl of a wolf. They can bark for different reasons, including when they see a stranger.

Temperament and Behavior

The Beagle is a sociable dog by nature. It is the perfect dog to have in a house where there are children since it will spend hours playing and running with them, like one more, for hours. In addition to this, it is a very sensitive, intelligent and above all very docile dog.

On the other hand, beagles indeed tend to have quite territorial behaviors, with respect to their home and family. When they are in the presence of a strange person they will be more withdrawn and distant, until they spend more time with them and gain confidence. Of course, beagles are not aggressive dogs at all. They are defense dogs, but also cheerful and gentle.

Training beagles aren’t that simple and easy. Beagles have a hard time retaining the concepts they are being taught and therefore take longer to learn the commands they are taught. To train a beagle, one must be very patient and spend many hours working with the dog.

Another point to keep in mind about beagle dogs is that they have a very highly developed sense of smell. And although this does not have to do directly with the character of the animal, the truth is that it makes it a dog that is very easily distracted. When they take them down the street, they will always have to go on a leash since they can run at any time just to follow the smell.

Beagles love to run and play, both with other dogs and with children and adults. They are very sociable and affectionate dogs that will always be looking for pats and contacts with their family.

In addition, they are very active dogs, who love to spend a lot of time outdoors, being able to run and explore wherever they want. The truth is that, although it is a perfect breed of dog for any family, before bringing it into the house, you must make sure that the dog will have enough space to run, both inside and outside.

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Beagles love to eat and they seek life as much as they can to get their belly full. You have to be careful about leaving food in places that they can access, as they will not hesitate to eat it.

Training and Habits

The beagles are easy-to-train dogs, all thanks to their intelligence, but they also have a hard time keeping their attention focused on the activity if he does not have the right treats. Short training sessions are recommended, always from the positive reward and never from the punishment. In addition, it is advisable to carry out adequate socialization with dogs of all kinds from puppyhood, in order to enjoy a very balanced and friendly adult beagle.

Common Health Issues

In general, these dogs are quite strong and resilient when it comes to their health. They can suffer from some diseases such as epilepsy or hypothyroidism, although these are conditions that can be controlled by medication. They can also be prone to hip dysplasia, although it is not very common. Occasionally they can show problems in their legs because of their special shape, in the joints, or the eyes, such as glaucoma or corneal dystrophy. They are also prone to being overweight, something that can be easily controlled by following some basic guidelines in their diet and exercise.

Care Requirements

Regarding the beagle’s health, it is essential to give the necessary vaccines and ensure they are regularly dewormed. In addition, it is recommended to pay attention to their eyes and ears, since they tend to show infections from different causes; although a check-up every so often will be enough to maintain their good general health conditions.

Caring for a beagle’s coat is very simple. It only requires a couple of brushings per week to remove dead hair. It does not usually shed too much hair, so good hygiene habits will keep it in all its splendor.

The bathing of a beagle should be done once a month or bi-monthly. In addition, it is always advisable to use a specific shampoo for dogs, because this is the only way to guarantee the care of their skin and prevent it from losing its natural protective layer.

A beagle is prone to become obese if its diet and activity level are not controlled. As for the food, it must always be of the highest quality, and the food intake should never be higher than what is recommended. In addition, treats and other foods to animals should be avoided, because do more harm than good to the health of any beagle dog and can make them get too fat.

Wrapping Up

If you are thinking of sharing your life with a beagle dog, keep in mind that they have unique characteristics that you will have to understand and know how to fulfill. The first thing you should do is go to a beagle dog breeder, who can provide you with all the necessary information and can guarantee that they are healthy. By following the recommendations, you will be able to enjoy a loyal and very loving beagle.

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