beagle personality and obedience training

Beagle Personality and Obedience Training

If he took a beagle personality test, how would your dog rate? Would he get high scores for being well-behaved or would he score low for being a little terror? Obedience training might be the best thing for you and your Beagle, but some owners either can’t afford a class or just prefer to go the DIY route. Whichever way you choose, here are some of the ins and outs of obedience training.

The Benefits of Beagle Obedience Training

An obedience class will help your beagle learn quickly, but equally important is that you’ll learn to be assertive with your dog and know how to give effective commands. Often, dog owners don’t want to admit that they are the other half of the equation in obedience training. Realizing this up front will make it much easier to bring out the best beagle personality in your little pooch.

  1. Leadership: This is a step often skipped or misunderstood by owners. It is critical that your Beagle understands that you – the owner – are large and in charge at all times. This alpha leadership role is critical to effective obedience training and that characteristic happy Beagle personality.
  2. Basic Commands: Some of the most useful commands are sit, stay, heel, speak and quiet. Teaching your Beagle to respond consistently to these will build a foundation for other training and also keep him well-behaved when it counts most.
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  3. No Biting or Barking: Biting and barking can be two of the more serious problems if they aren’t handled at an early age. His Beagle personality might give away a clue that your pup wasn’t properly socialized, which can lead to aggression like biting.
  4. Leash Manners: Speaking of beagle personality, walking your dog could turn out to be a big challenge of wills if you don’t instill some obedience first. Beagles are stubborn and how about that nose! Your Beagle was bred to follow a scent and this is what he’ll instinctively do on the leash if you let him. You’ll need to learn how to control your dog’s movements and to get him into a calm state as you walk him. Learning to sit and heel at the right time is important, too, such as at an intersection or when another dog approaches.
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Obedience training provides the foundation for a well-behaved dog. If you aren’t sure where to start or your Beagle is a bigger challenge than you can handle on your own, you might want to consider taking an obedience class with your dog. You’ll find that the investment is well worth the reward.

Bring It on Home

While obedience training is an important part of your beagle’s training, it doesn’t end when you leave the classroom. You’ll need to be consistent and follow through with your actions to avoid undoing all your hard work. Remember to maintain the alpha leader role at home, not just in your obedience classroom.

If you are consistent and maintain what you learned, your dog will do what he’s been taught. Be reassuring with your dog and focus on the leadership role. If you get lazy and let your beagle think he’s boss, that wonderful beagle personality that you worked so hard to bring out will slip away and you’ll have a little troublemaker on your hands.

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