How to Prevent Your Beagle from Shedding

How to Prevent Your Beagle from Shedding

It’s natural for a beagle to shed. They’ve always done it and will continue to do so in the future as well. It’s their way of getting rid of old, weak hair and replacing it with new, strong and healthy hair. Although you cannot stop your beagle from shedding, there are definitely some measures you can take to reduce its frequency and intensity.


A mere session of brushing your beagle every day can assist with malting and shedding substantially. It will help keep the coat smoother, tidier, and avoid excessive shedding by minimizing hair damage.

Be sure to get a nice and comfy brush that works effectively for your beagle’s coat. You can utilize products like love gloves, shedding blades, slicker brushes, and mat breakers. What works best will depend on the current situation of your dog’s hair, how often it sheds, and its intensity.

Healthy Diet

Due to the fact that shedding can be partially triggered by a bad diet plan, check to make sure that your pet is getting all the necessary nutrients in his diet. Good quality foods with absorbable proteins and low empty fats and carbohydrates are ideal in this case.

Fatty Acids

Boost your beagle’s diet plan with fatty acids to make their hair more powerful and a lot less likely to break. Omega-3s items are excellent in this case. There are other organic sources of fatty acids too but the majority of these are discovered in fish oils.

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Make sure to stay away from those fatty acids that are found in foods eaten by humans. For example, raw eggs are not a good idea to feed beagles due to the salmonella danger that exists there.

Allergic Reactions and Fleas

Allergies and fleas are a big stimulant for coat deterioration. Vitamin supplements are extremely efficient in enhancing the essential antibodies to battle off allergic reactions and fleas.

Likewise, ensure to utilize a flea medication monthly to minimize the effect of similar bugs.

Tidying Up

Not just does hair have an adverse effect on the tidiness of your home, it can also make the shedding even worse, by contributing to already existing allergic reactions, dry skin, and itching of your beagle. Sweep away the fallen hair as frequently as possible to decrease its negative effects on your dog.

Periodic Bathing

Dogs should not be bathed frequently, however, a bath every 3-4 weeks in the summertime can help in reducing shedding. You can utilize a gentler hair shampoo once a week if you have extremely dry skin issues that result in shedding.

Speak to your veterinarian about which kinds of hair shampoo will lessen shedding in your beagle. Likewise, ensure not to shower around the time you use flea medication, or it will not work appropriately.

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Regular Inspections by a Qualified Vet

More often than not, excess shedding is because of dry skin and the environment. Nevertheless, sometimes, it can also signify illness and make it necessary to be examined by a qualified vet.

If you have tried all the solutions on this list and discover that your beagle is still shedding or that their hair is coming out in spots or that it is growing back with very thin strands, you must see a veterinarian right away to dismiss the major illnesses.


Nobody likes to sweep up or vacuum all the hundreds of fallen hair of a dog, which can trigger allergic reactions and make your home look unclean. However, shedding is a natural part of a beagle’s life. They do it to eliminate weak, old hair, and the additional hair from the winter season. If your pet continues to shed throughout the summertime, after their winter season coat is gone, it may be an indication that they require extra attention.

For that reason, proactive measures can be incredibly useful. With regular grooming, you can enjoy a tidy and fur-free house throughout the season.

I hope these suggestions on how to prevent your beagle from shedding provided you a strategy on how to solve this problem. Thus, start following these guidelines today so you can enjoy more time with your beagle.

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