Apoquel for dogs

Apoquel for Dogs – Everything You Need to Know

For pets, dermatological diseases, those that affect the hair and skin, are usually quite annoying. Itching, rashes, alopecia and other conditions are just some of the visible symptoms of this type of disease.

Apoquel is a veterinary prescription medicine that is recommended to treat itching related to allergic dermatitis and clinical manifestations of atopic dermatitis in dogs. These conditions are often very irritating and sometimes painful. It is therefore important to attend to them promptly and effectively.

How does Apoquel work?

Apoquel is a medicine that comes in the form of tablets that have different concentrations of oclacitinib, its main active component. This substance is classified as a Janus kinase inhibitors (JAK inhibitors), a series of proteins, whose enzymes are involved in the allergic response of canes.

This tablet is also known as generic Apoquel, since it is a medicine that is distinguished by its formulation and not by the brand name of the product itself. It is an innovative treatment to counteract the negative effects of allergic and atopic dermatitis in dogs.

The product has three different presentations: Apoquel 3.6 mg, Apoquel 5.4 mg, Apoquel 16 mg. Amounts that refer to the concentrated amounts of oclacitinib present in the medicinal product.

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Benefits of using Apoquel for dogs

The drug causes a rapid response in the organs of dogs, interrupting the allergic reaction that would end at the onset of rashes. The results should be shown after the first 24 hours of taking the medicine.

Manufacturers promise that prolonged use of this medicine offers a significant improvement in the treatment of skin lesions. In addition, they claim that their side effects are minimal compared to other medications that are used to combat these and similar conditions.

It is also a flexible medicine, as it can be administered in exact doses, thanks to its shape and structure. Similarly, it can be administered orally.

It all depends on the indications of the veterinarian in relation to the severity or progression of the disease and the characteristics of each pet.

It is essential to carefully read the label and instructions for use of the product, to make sure it is a suitable medicine for your pet. It is also important to consider dosages according to the age and weight of dogs.

Alternatives and complementary products

There are natural alternatives that can significantly help improve dermatological problems in your dog’s skin and hair. One of the star products for this purpose are fatty acids, source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 we can find them both in liquids, where it would be sprayed in food as well as in oral tablets.

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Another alternative to improve problems related to dermatitis is to use monoprotein and hypoalergenic diets, that contain a single source of protein to avoid as much as possible those components that can cause problems for your dog.

On the other hand, it is advisable to use shampoos for skin and hair problems, your veterinarian will tell you the frequency of washing needed depending on the advanced level of dermatitis that your pet has.


The conditions that affect the skin of dogs are very annoying and painful for dogs. Therefore, a drug as effective and innovative as Apoquel is so necessary in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry.

You can use other substitute medicines for Apoquel that are also oral, provided that the veterinarian approves or recommends them. The important thing is that your pet is healthy and prevent, it is always the best option.

To do this, a healthy diet is also essential, and don’t forget regular visits to a trusted veterinarian. Remember that prevention is a straight way to achieve optimal health conditions.

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