Stop Aggressive or Destructive Chewing in Beagles

How to Stop Aggressive or Destructive Chewing in Beagles

Beagles are so cute. Those gorgeous ears and serene eyes can melt your heart every single time. Sometimes, however, your beagle pup might begin revealing some unpleasant habits. Among such is aggressive biting. All of us understand how it feels when somebody we adore starts to act out of their usual character.

To prevent your beagle from aggressive chewing, there are certain measures that you can follow.

Reasons Why Beagles Bite

Although beagles are not usually aggressive, they can in some cases bite. There are a variety of factors for this. Among the significant things that might trigger your beagle to bite is if they’re in the teething phase.

Typically, when your beagle about 4 to 8 weeks old, they begin growing teeth. This procedure can be a bit unpleasant for the puppies, and as a result, they might begin to munch on anything and whatever that they can discover.

If your beagle is at this phase, they might bite your hand while you attempt to feed or have fun with them. You ought to understand that this does not indicate that your beagle is being aggressive or mad, it’s simply their natural action in the existing stage of growth.

Another reason that your beagle might begin biting is that it is simply being lively. We refer to this as play-biting. Beagles are typically social canines. Social in the sense that they enjoy remaining in the company of their kind. If a beagle is with its brother or sisters while still at a young age, it will begin having fun with them. A few of these play activities consist of lively biting, and it can be difficult for them to understand that this exact same biting isn’t all right around people.

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Nevertheless, sometimes biting can be entirely out of aggressiveness, and it’s a habit you’ll wish to watch out for. This kind of biting generally comes together with roaring, and skittish habits. You’ll wish to evaluate your beagle’s whole disposition when examining what sort of biting they’re doing.

Suppressing these behaviors at an early age is one of the most reliable methods to deal with both play biting and aggressive chewing.

How to Stop Aggressive and Destructive Chewing

Because there are various reasons that your beagle might bite, it makes good sense to have a range of methods to train a beagle to not bite.

If the biting is brought on by teething, you might utilize a chewable toy as a replacement that they can mouth on. The majority of the time, when biting is triggered by teething, you would discover that your beagle is not just thinking about chewing at your fingers, in fact, it’s also attempting to mouth on other things around your house. Furnishings, clothing, and other things that might fulfill their biting craving.

Bear in mind that they’re just attempting to relieve their pain and not trying to hurt you. You just seem to be the most viable thing for them to bite on. So, if you present some chewy toys that can keep them busy, they will definitely reduce their habit of biting you and instead do it on the toy.

If the biting takes place when you’re trying to play with them, or when they’re typically having a good time, it reveals that they are feeling naughty and cheerful. Toys might work here too, however, in some cases, the beagle simply wishes to have a good time with you. Attempting to sidetrack it with a toy might not work here.

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What we would advise is that you react like its brother or sisters would. If your beagle bites you, let out an angry shout and withdraw from your pet for a while. In this manner, the beagle starts to comprehend that the act of biting brings annoyance to you. This is generally rather reliable since beagles are typically a lively type and simply wish to be buddies with you. Once they start to learn that biting you is not a good thing, they’ll become better overall in their behavior as well in terms of obedience.

In some cases, you might feel that your beagle’s biting is overly harsh and hostile, and not the lively kind. In this scenario, it’s much better to call a qualified professional for aid. Aggressive biting is typically an outcome of physical or psychological discomfort and pain and might need outside help to resolve.

Wrapping Up

It is hardly ever your beagle’s objective to give you discomfort or pain. If they bite, it is either out of naughty cheerfulness or as a coping measure to relieve pain. Beagles are usually extremely social. They take pleasure in the company of other beagles but once trained, they will love you too. To provide your pet with the best possible training, make sure to start paying attention to them from an early age. Look after them like you would after a little baby. They need time to learn and understand the world around them.

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