Common Household Items Toxic for Beagles

Common Household Items Toxic to Beagles

The majority of people with family pets feel that they’re genuinely family members. They oversleep our beds, they consume our food, and they have fun with us – what more could you desire from a furry, little buddy?

However, lots of family pets are naughty little nosers, often getting involved in things they’re not meant to and tinkering around with things that are certainly not toys.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the most common household items that are toxic to Beagles.


These are one of those items which seem far from a threat, and sure, maybe not for us.

But the following list of plants can be extremely poisonous to a Beagle:

  • Azaleas
  • Lilies
  • Mistletoe
  • Philodendrons

If your Beagle is a highly active and naughty pal of yours, you should make sure whatever plant you have in your home is non-poisonous to dogs.

Decorations and Lights

Not only can your Beagle get tied up in holiday string lights, but also the ornaments and other seasonal decors can present choking dangers.

Whenever you are decorating, for example, for Christmas, make sure your Beagle can’t reach them and restrict them to a decoration-free location when you leave your home

Mixed Nuts

It’s a harmless idea to keep human food far away from your Beagle’s reach– especially mixed nuts that can be extremely dangerous to your furry friend.

Almonds can trigger gastrointestinal irritation in animals, and that’s not even the most dangerous nut yet. Similarly, walnuts contain a toxic substance that can trigger convulsions in animals, which can be profoundly fatal and even cause paralysis or death.

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Therefore, before you decide to share your food with your Beagle, make sure that you’ve researched thoroughly about whether what you are giving is safe or not.


It is understandable that all of us keep some kind of medicines with us in our homes. Most of us even have a first aid kit lying around. However, what helps relieve our pain can be the inducer of excruciating distress in a Beagle.

To keep it simple, you should store every single medicine away from your dog’s reach. If you suspect your dog has swallowed something, go to a vet immediately.

Deicing Salts

Although they are not toxic, deicing salts can cause irritation on a pet’s paws, and sometimes even its skin. If they lick it off, the substance can be poisonous and the dog will have to be rushed to a hospital.

A good idea would be to wash off your Beagle’s paws whenever they come from the outside. If that’s not always feasible, you can buy dog boots for your Beagle.


These include bug sprays, insect repellents and anything else that you may be using to get rid of the little guys. Consumption of any of these can even cause the hospitalization of a human so Beagles are far away. If taken in a very small amount, the situation may be alleviated by diarrhea, vomits or tremors.

However, if taken in excess amount, anything and anyone can suffer life-threatening circumstances.

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The chemicals found in plat food and fertilizers are super toxic in nature. They can completely disrupt the internal system of a Beagle.

It is highly advisable to keep all your gardening supplies safely locked and out of reach. Even when you are working on the yard with a plant food or something similar, make sure your dog is not near you.


Antifreeze is an engine coolant but it has a very interesting and rather sweet smell. It can almost tickle the nose of your Beagle and attract it towards the bottle if it is not capped properly.

Large doses can cause death and small doses can be fatal. Always keep such items away from your dog.

String, Yarn, and Rubber Bands

These are very common household items that may seem completely harmless at first. In fact, you may even intentionally give these items to your Beagle to play around with.

However, if any of these are swallowed, intestinal blockage can occur and there are also very high chances of choking. All these items are difficult to detect with X-rays so it’s really important that you don’t give any of these items to your Beagle and if you have them openly lying around, keep them in a safe and secure place out of the dog’s reach.

Fabric Softener Sheets

The fabric softeners you use, whether in the sheet or liquid form, can be poisonous to your Beagle. The side effects vary but most of the times, hospitalization is necessary to stabilize the dog’s vitals.

It’s always a good idea to keep your laundry room locked if you have a Beagle who loves to roam around. Any relevant items should also stay locked inside a shelf.

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