Super-Large Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame

This review will discuss whether this dog door is indeed ideal for weather extremes both hot and cold.  It works well for installation in both walls and doors although installing it through a wall requires a separate wall kit which is sold separately.

It comes in four sizes and is good for dogs up to 129 lbs.


  • Durable, energy-efficient all-weather pet door with inner telescoping frame
  • Made from structural foam molded plastic with clear vinyl insulated flaps
  • For dogs and cats up to 120 pounds
  • Installs easily and securely – optional wall kit available and sold separately
  • Measures 15 x 23.5 inches; limited lifetime warranty

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The Ruff-Weather Door’s uses an air pocket between 2 soft flaps for insulation against hot weather or cold providing energy efficiency and cost savings. The Ruff-Weather series in Small, Medium, Extra Large and Super Large will give  an air pocket of up to 3 inches between the 2 flaps in a door installation. Using the wall tunnel kit will allow you to have, an air space of up to 9 inches.

People living in the US in states that experience extremely cold weather during the winter report that the plastic flaps are holding up very well, even with multiple energetic dogs using the dog door. It is a plastic frame but it is substantial with metal screws and as it is quite a bit thicker, it sticks out on either side of the door about 2.2 inches. This enhances the insulation properties.  The removable slide ensures safety and security and is also necessary on really high wind days (17 mph)

The main con is that it does take the dogs a little while to get used to the wider stride necessary to go through the double flaps, but most seem to do so quite quickly.

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Installing the Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame