Dogs just wanna have fun

My first dog was a boxer and he managed to set the standard so high that no other dog has even come close! His favourite toy was my old teddy bear and he would carry him around by one arm. The only thing we ever had to do was sew the arm back on when it separated from Teddy’s body. (Teddy was already 20 years old when he was given to Major). Teddy lasted until he was destroyed by an Irish Setter friend of Major. Major number 2 (also a boxer) was what Amazon calls an aggressive chewer. After he chewed the knob off the stick shift when he was left alone in the car for a short time, we knew we had to watch him (I should mention that he was a few months old at the time and nowhere near his adult strength). This was the first time we ever needed a cage.

However, at least he did not chew the linoleum off the kitchen floor like a German shepherd that belonged to friends of ours.

Sometimes it is hard to see their behaviour as endearing!

Luckily, today we have Nylabone chews which are listed as indestructible although I am sure the manufacturers never met dogs like some of those in the Amazon positive review listing. Judging by my survey, if your dog demolishes a rawhide chew in an hour or two the ‘indestructible’ Nylabones last a couple of months. I wonder how they would have fared with Major number 2!

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