Dog Doors for Sliding Glass Doors

dog doors for sliding glass doorsSometimes the best exit from inside to outside and vice versa is a sliding glass door.  So how do you install a dog door in a sliding glass door? Is it even possible? And if it is, when do you use this option?  The answer is when your dog needs to go in and out to join you on your patio or balcony and you do not want to spend your precious relaxation time acting as a doorman.  (we all know dogs who want to be with you but it is too warm where you are so they need to be let inside to cool off in the air conditioning, then they need to be let out again).  It also gives renters and option to install a dog door without changing the basic fabric of the home, or having to get the landlord to give permission to install a dog door in a door or wall.

I was surprised at the choice available when I started to investigate the possibilities.  This is my review of what is available when it comes to dog doors for sliding glass doors.  Whether you need something temporary to suit apartment living or something permanent then the choice is there.

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