Apartment Dog Door for Sliding Glass Doors

This is a review of a great pet door if you rent an apartment and want your pet to be able to use the patio or balcony without you having to go through the open or shut dance!


  • The Apartment Pet Door is a modular snap-together easy to use pet door for renters and homeowners that fits any size sliding glass door
  • No tools or expertise needed and no home modifications are required
  • You may use the sliding glass door while this pet door is in place
  • Goes with you when you move or travel, Fits any size sliding glass door up to 96 inches.

For the first time the Balcony Pets Apartment Pet Door allows apartment dwellers with a small dog or cat to have a sliding glass dog door which is lightweight and  portable. This dog door is modular and snaps together  in minutes, no tools or experience needed.  It comes with a  user manual  for troubleshooting steps.

Balcony Pets Demonstration Video of the Sliding Glass Dog Door

It fits the opening of any size sliding glass door up to 96 inches. The dog door consists of three clear polycarbonate panels which are  35 Inch long by 12 inches wide. The panels snap together easily and you can adjust them for the height of your sliding glass door opening. Drop them into the tracks of your sliding glass door and the job is completed in minutes.

The magnetized flap opening is 9.37 Inch wide by 15 Inch tall which will fit small to medium sized pets up to about 45 pounds and sometimes larger depending on the pet. We’ve made the flaps easily removable to pave the way for upcoming accessories-cloth or soft vinyl flaps, different color flaps to go with upcoming different colored panels.

The pet door comes with a sliding glass door track lock.

The main problem found by dissatisfied customers was that it was not sturdy enough, insecure and that the bottom flap.  These problems seem to have been solved by the company.  A customer reports that Balcony Pets has made an upgrade to the product and it now has sturdier bottom they include a door lock to secure sliding door.  Customers who bought before the upgrade can contact the company and get the bottom panel replaced and a lock for no charge.  This customer says “I just got mine and it is great! A vast improvement, the bottom panel is much sturdier and I feel more secure ”

In conclusion, this sliding glass dog door is an ideal solution for those who are occupying apartments and property they do not own.  It is not intended to provide an all weather solution but is just right for those that need a portable solution to acting as doggie door monitor!