What do Beagles need to be happy?

The Beagle is extremely cute and endears himself to everyone who meets him. As independent and happy-go-lucky as these dogs are though, they still need a few important things in order to lead a happy, healthy lifestyle. Here are a few of the Beagle’s basic needs.

Beagles need warmth and security

The Beagle was once kept in out-houses and was a working, hunting dog. However, these days he is usually a family pet and has been bred as a companion dog for many decades now. As such, he won’t take very well to being left out in the cold. Anyone considering getting one of these lovable dogs will need to provide a warm, comfortable home for him indoors, where the rest of the family can be found.

Companionship is a must for Beagles

The Beagle is quite an independent creature and he has the innate ability to hunt game over long distances, often a field or two away from his master. However, at heart these dogs are pack animals. As anyone who has seen a fox hunt will know, the Beagle can often be found in large groups of hounds and thrives on a sociable atmosphere where both human and canine companions can be found. If you’re going to be out of the house all day, your Beagle will become depressed, anxious and possibly badly behaved. Whilst he isn’t the type to follow you around all day, he needs company most of the time. So, please don’t get a Beagle if you can’t give him the companionship he needs.

Beagles need to be active

These little hounds have bags of energy and were bred to have a lot of stamina, covering large distances on hunts across the countryside. A family Beagle needs the opportunity to burn off all that excess energy, sniff out interesting scents, and stretch his legs. In general, the more exercise you can give your Beagle, the happier he will be.

Beagles need to be trained

Like all breeds, the Beagle won’t arrive in your home a fully trained, obedient dog (unless, of course, you’ve bought an adult Beagle from a loving home). Beagles need to be taught basic commands, obedience and, of course, they need toilet training. With a firm, confident master to teach him right from wrong, the Beagle will be calmer and happier in general. Without training, some Beagles can grow too independent and can sometimes be stubborn.

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