Pros and cons of the Beagle breed

If you’re thinking of getting one of these cute, clever, little dogs, please remember that no breed is perfect. To get a proper understanding of whether this breed is for you here are some useful pros and cons to be aware of.

Pros of owning this breed

  • Beagles don’t need too much grooming

    You won’t need to spend money on trips to the grooming salon with a Beagle. The short coat needs only the occasional brushing down to remove loose hair and will stay neat and tidy looking regardless. As for bathing, you’ll only ever need to wash your Beagle if he begins to smell, or if he rolls in dirt.

  • Beagles are small

    Smaller than other Hound dogs, the Beagle is quite a nice size for a family pet – not too big so as to be unmanageable yet, not too small to accidentally step on his tail. Being small, he won’t consume a fortune’s worth of food, and he’ll be quite easy to carry to the car or the bathroom if needed. In addition, the Beagle is a great sized companion for children – he’s gentle and not too strong to be overpowering, yet he isn’t fragile enough to be hurt by youngsters who don’t yet know how to treat a dog.

  • Beagles are sociable

    These little hounds love to be around people, and will be good meeting strangers as well as other dogs in the park, as long as they are properly socialised as puppies. They are quite relaxed which means they will also make good therapy pets.

Cons of owning this breed

  • Beagles are not great for people with allergies

    The Beagle has quite a coarse, short haired coat which means it isn’t the best breed to get if you have someone in your home with allergies. The flyaway hair and dander is bound to make anyone who has airborne allergies sneeze.

  • Beagles are hounds, which means they howl

    These little dogs can be quite vocal and are very good at letting you know if something is wrong. So, be prepared to deal with a certain amount of howling, baying and barking from your dog – this comes with the territory of the Hound breed type.

  • Beagles can be stubborn

    If a Beagle senses that he has a passive or timid owner, he may well try to get away with being headstrong and stubborn. This is a breed that likes its independence! Free spirited, the Beagle likes nothing better than to go off in search of interesting scents. So, be sure to have him fully trained before you let him off the lead, and make sure he knows who is boss.

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