Q: Where is the Beagle originally from?
The ancestors of the Beagle have been traced to ancient Greece, however the modern Beagles are said to originate from England. The breed was originally bred to hunt rabbits.

beagle-faqQ: Where did the Beagle get its name?
It is thought that the breed got its name from “begele” (Old English) or “beag” (Celtic) which both means “small”.

Q: Do Beagles require constant grooming?
A Beagle may shed quite a bit and needs a good brushing at least once or twice a week. However, they undergo an annual shedding process before the warm weather sets in.
Their long, floppy ears increase their risk of infection thus you need to check on their ears regularly.
You may need to clip the Beagle’s toenails regularly in cases where the nails have remained long despite its daily activities.

Q: Are Beagles a noisy breed?
By nature, Beagles are not yappy dogs however if they sense something out of the ordinary, their bark, more of a baying sound, can be loudest. Remember, Beagles are hunting dogs and their instinct is to bark when they smell or see prey. When bored or left alone for considerably long periods of time, they are also known to break into howling.
Q: Do Beagles have a characteristic “dog odour”?
Beagles are one of the few dog breeds which are known not to possess a distinct “dog odour”. They might give off a smell when allowed to roam, play and roll in the dirt however grooming them regularly can address the problem.

Q: Can Beagles be good companions for children?
Beagles can make great companions for children. They love to interact with people, especially children with whom they are very gentle with. They can withstand rough housing; participate in interactive activities while enjoying the attention that they get from their human members of the pack. One thing to keep in mind though is that Beagles can be “mouthy”. They love chewing on things or playing with their mouths. This is not an aggressive behaviour; rather it is a form of play for them. With proper training, you can get rid of this behaviour.

Q: Do Beagles show preference for only one person in the family?
Beagles are “pack animals” and thrive well in the company of humans and other dogs. They possess social instincts that fuel them to interact equally with every pack member. This trait makes Beagles a great addition to the family

Q: Do Beagles have good appetites?
Beagles are known to be voracious eaters thus you have to keep a tight rein on the amount of food that they receive every single day. This includes not only their regular ration but also their favourite treats. Overfeeding can lead to obesity and an obese Beagle is prone to many health problems. One thing to keep in mind is that children should be made to understand that Beagles are overprotective of their food and should never be approached or teased when eating.

Q: How much exercise does a Beagle needs?
Beagles were first bred to hunt thus they are used to an active lifestyle. They will need regular exercise to get rid of pent-up energy in their small agile bodies and keep them from getting bored.

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