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    Where to buy your Beagle

    Getting a Beagle isn’t as easy as choosing the cutest and most conveniently located pup. There are several places to get a Beagle and, unfortunately not all suppliers are ethical. Here is a simple guide for people who are starting out. The best place to buy a Beagle The most reliable place to find a…   Read More »

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    What do Beagles need to be happy?

    The Beagle is extremely cute and endears himself to everyone who meets him. As independent and happy-go-lucky as these dogs are though, they still need a few important things in order to lead a happy, healthy lifestyle. Here are a few of the Beagle’s basic needs. Beagles need warmth and security The Beagle was once…   Read More »

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    Top 3 mistakes Beagle owners make

    Owning a Beagle may seem like a piece of cake, but it’s easy to make mistakes if you haven’t done your research. Here are the top 5 mistakes to be aware of when it comes to owning a Beagle. Choosing the wrong puppy or breeder Either of these mistakes can lead to a whole lot…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    Pros and cons of the Beagle breed

    If you’re thinking of getting one of these cute, clever, little dogs, please remember that no breed is perfect. To get a proper understanding of whether this breed is for you here are some useful pros and cons to be aware of. Pros of owning this breed Beagles don’t need too much grooming You won’t…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    How to stop your Beagle howling

    Beagles are hounds, and hounds have an innate instinct to howl or bay, especially when they are successful on hunts. If you’re getting a Beagle, you’ll need to prepare yourself for this quirk in the breed, which can sometimes become a regular habit. Here are some tips for dealing with your howling hound. Why is…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    History of the Beagle breed

    The Beagle has a long history of being a hunting dog, and has been used in farms and homes both as a companion dog and as a working dog. Here are some facts about this breed’s history. There are mixed opinions on the origin of the very first Beagles Some historians believe that there were…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    Beagle FAQs

    If you have burning questions about the Beagle, look no further. Here are some frequently asked questions about these lovely looking hounds. How much exercise do Beagles need? Beagles need quite a lot of exercise as they were originally bred as hunting dogs. They can cover large distances if they are allowed to roam in…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    Activities and jobs for Beagles

    If you’re the lucky owner of a Beagle, you’ll know that these are no ordinary dogs. The Beagle’s amazing nose and his wonderful temperament mean that he’s ideally suited to a number of activities out in the real world. Here are some of them. Airport customs The Beagle’s excellent sense of smell gives it a…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    5 ways to socialise your Beagle puppy

    If you’ve recently brought home a Beagle pup, you will need to start the socialisation process as soon as possible. Socialising a pup means exposing them to different experiences, objects, people and animals so that he gets used to them from a young age and grows into a calm, confident adult dog. If you’ve chosen…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    5 ways to exercise your Beagle

    Beagle just love to keep active! Exercise holds many benefits for Beagles including less body fat, a healthy heart, better mobility and a calm state of mind. In general, the more exercise you give your Beagle the better! Here are some good ways to make sure your Beagle gets the exercise he deserves. Beagles love…   Read More »

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