5 ways to exercise your Beagle

Beagle just love to keep active! Exercise holds many benefits for Beagles including less body fat, a healthy heart, better mobility and a calm state of mind. In general, the more exercise you give your Beagle the better! Here are some good ways to make sure your Beagle gets the exercise he deserves.

Beagles love a brisk walk

Rather than taking your Beagle to the nearest park, letting him do his business and leaving again, how about going for a longer walk, where you both get to increase your heart rate and build stamina? Just make sure to observe your Beagle closely and if he shows signs of muscle strain or fatigue (which shouldn’t happen in a healthy dog) it’s time to take a break. In summer, bring some water with you. Also, be careful not to walk on tarmac on hot days or you could end up burning the pads of your little buddy’s feet.

Bring your Beagle for a jog

Despite being on the small side, your Beagle should be well able to pick up the pace! This breed was once an excellent runner over long distances, and was expected to run for miles to keep up with horses when on hunting trips. Be sure to run on a soft surface like grass, earth or sand, and avoid running on hard ground like concrete, which can damage your dog’s knees.

Swim with your Beagle

Beagles are one of the breeds which can swim quite well, if given the chance. Find somewhere with calm water, shallow shorelines and no strong currents – these are the ideal conditions for a doggy dip. Keep a close eye on your Beagle as he swims, just in case he goes in too deep or gets into trouble. Lastly, bear in mind that puppies with no experience of swimming may need a little training first and to do this, you should be prepared to accompany your pup in the water. If you want to take your dog out fishing or sailing, there are special canine life jackets available online.

Train your Beagle in the art of agility

If you have a particularly energetic Beagle, you may want to try some agility training. Search for classes in your local area. You can also purchase some agility equipment for your garden – tunnels, jumps, and poles can be bought from websites like Amazon.

Find some clubs in your area

There are a few interesting things you can do with your Beagle besides the activities above. For example, Flyball is a sport for dogs and their owners and is done on a competitive basis. Flyball is like a race, where dogs compete against each other to run and retrieve a ball from a special launcher. You have to see it in action to truly appreciate the fun this brings! Other activities for Beagles include field dog trials, where dogs are tested on their ability to retrieve game, and tracking events where dogs can track scents. The latter really will be heaven for the Beagle, since this breed has an excellent sense of smell and an urge to sniff out scents for miles.

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